DiSAFA Crop Protection Technology Group worked/collaborated and works/collaborates with:

Manufacturers of agricultural machines, sprayers, components of sprayers and test benches for sprayers functional inspection and adjustment

Training/research bodies

  • AGRION – Foundation for research, innovation and technological development of agriculture in Piemonte Region (ITA)
  • CERSAA – Experimentation and technical assistance in agriculture (ITA)
  • CNR – STEMS – Institute of Science and Technology for Sustainable Energy and Mobility – Torino Unit (ITA)
  • CREA – Research centre for forestry and wood (ITA)
  • EDMUND MACH FOUNDATION – Research, education and training activities in agriculture (ITA)
  • INHORT – Polish Research Institute of Horticulture (PL)
  • INRAE – Institut national de recherche pour l’agriculture, l’alimentation et l’environnement (FR)
  • JULIUS KUHN INSTITUT (JKI) – Deutsch Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants (D)


Crop protection industries

Standardisation, certification and accreditation bodies

  • ACCREDIA – Italian National Accreditation Body
  • CEN – European Committee of Standardization
  • ENAMA Servizi S.r.l. – Biofuel, and agricultural machines certification
  • ISO – International Organization for Standardization
  • UNI – National Body for Standardization


Other partners

  • AIIA – Italian Society of Agricultural Engineering
  • CASCINA PULITA srl – Recovery and disposal of agricultural wastes
  • CSI Piemonte – Managing the public ICT system to innovate and simplify
  • DIAGON ALLEY srl – Training and consulting for accreditation ISO/IEC 17025
  • ECOMEMBRANE srl – Innovative components in the field of environmental and energy saving
  • EurAGEng – European Society of Agricultural Engineers
  • IMAGE LINE – Web services for agriculture
  • MASE – Italian Ministry of Environment
  • MASAF – Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry
  • OATA – Technical services for agriculture
  • REGIONE PIEMONTE – AGRICOLTURA – Piemonte Region Ministry of Agriculture
  • REGIONE PIEMONTE – AMBIENTE – Piemonte Region Ministry of Environment
  • SID srl – Hygiene and environmental services
  • SPISE – European Working Group for Standardized Procedure for the Inspection of Sprayers in Europe
  • UP TO FARM srl – Services and products for the sustainable use of recyclable resources in agriculture
  • VISUAL STUDIO – Video production