Crop Protection Technology Research Group

DiSaFaLogo DiSaFaIn the Agricultural Engineering unit of Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (DISAFA) of Torino University, since 1996, the Crop Protection Technology Research Group is active. 

Activities of Crop Protection Technology Research Group  mainly deal with pesticide application equipment, operator safety and environmental impact related to spray distribution.

These activities are carried out at the CROP PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY (CPT) LAB (over 600 m² surface). Thanks to the instruments and devices with which it is equipped, CPT Lab is a reference test station in Europe. Also, an external  tunnel (250 m² surface) and a test area (field and vineyard) are available.

In the course of 2022, a new 1200 m2 covered warehouse was built near the vineyard. Within this covered structure, for example, it will be possible to carry out tests for measurement of potential spray drift from horizontal boom sprayers and orchard/vineyard sprayers by the use of a test bench.

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Main activities

  • National and international standardization.

  • Study and development of enhanced spraying methods, and test benches for functional inspection and calibration.

  • Extension services such as training for all interested parties entering or already within the industry. University teaching

  • Commercially sponsored applied research .

  • ENAMA/ENTAM certification of sprayers and their components

  • Coordination of  sprayers functional inspection, calibration and adjustment activity.

  • Crop Protection Technology Laboratory

  • Drift test of sowing dust

  • Evaluation of spray distance

  • Evaluation of the target coverage

  • Training

  • Air direction and speed measuremnet