International standardization

In this ambit the activity of Crop Protection Technology Research Group is mainly addressed to develop and implement new standardized test methods and to design and set up the necessary test benches. In this view, the research group is involved in working groups ISO/TC 23/SC6 (Equipment for Crop Protection), CEN TC144/WG3 and in ENTAM (European Network for Testing of Agricultural Machines). Among the International Standards developed, under development and under revision with the contribution of the Crop Protection Technology Research Group there are:

  • ISO 21278: Equipment for crop protection – Induction hoppers;
  • ISO 22368: Crop protection equipment – Test methods for the evaluation of cleaning systems;
  • EN ISO 19932: Equipment for crop protection – Knapsack sprayers – safety an environmental requirements
  • ISO 10988: Equipment for crop protection – Knapsack motorized air-assisted sprayers – Test methods and performance limits;
  • ISO/DIS 28139: Equipment for crop protection – Knapsack combustion engine-driven air-blast sprayers – Safety and environmental requirements (under development);
  • ISO 12809: Crop protection equipment – Reciprocating positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps;
  • ISO 22401: Equipment for crop protection – Method for measurement of potential spray drift from horizontal boom sprayers by the use of a test bench;
  • EN ISO 16119: Agricultural and forestry machinery – Environmental requirements for sprayers;
  • EN ISO 16122: Agricultural and forestry machinery – Inspection of sprayers in use.